Groundhog Day–29 years later

On Groundhog Day 1984  I became  a mom.    Which makes today my daughter’s 29th birthday.

How is it possible that I have a 29 year old daughter when I’m only 28?  (At least that’s about how old I feel.)

Like every  mom, I love Alli so much, and I’m so proud, I couldn’t possibly say enough about her.  (And she’s  provided lots of writing fodder.)

These are just a few moments– and a few words  from those 29 years.


Stand Back and Watch

The Day Before

Learning Curve written for MORE magazine

College Crunch Time:  Dreams, Decisions, Drama

Wake-up Call

Parental Baggage

A love letter to the graduate

Fasten Your Seatbelt:  This is a post Alli wrote a few years ago.   She’s a fabulous writer;  I just wish she’d write more.


Happy birthday to  my amazing Alli with all my love!


  1. D/

    As an artist, there is no doubt that your greatest creations have been your two children. I have had the joy of experiencing the arc of their development from toddlers to adults. And, although Alli always complains that all her bad traits come from you ( stubbornness, ‘Drama Queen’ ), she also owes most of her wonderful traits to you as well. Here is my top ten list of characteristics that you share –

    1 Integrity and honesty – there are no other two people that I know who have higher principles and character.

    2 A great friend – Anyone who is lucky enough to count either of you a friend is truly blessed. You are loyal, always work to keep communication alive and would takes the shirts off your back for any friend that asked.

    3 Neither of you has a mean bone in your body.

    4 You both have great and infectious laughs.

    5 You are both usually the smartest people in the room.

    6 You both appreciate money, but money is not your master.

    7 Neither of you are in the least bit awed or intimidated by fame or those that have achieved it.

    8 You both love to read and learn and are constantly stretching and expanding yourselves.

    9 You both are wonderful big sisters to your younger brothers.

    10. You both, for reasons that are still a bit of a mystery to me, have allowed me into your life and given me your love.


  2. Judy Brooks says:

    Happy Birthday to Alli. How lucky am I to have been there, if not from day one, then certainly by day two. I cannot believe 29 years have passed but those years have been good for you and add up to the wonderful, intelligent, generous, kind, helpful, thoughtful, beautiful friend I consider you to be.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    With much love today and every day.

    • Also a comment that deserves its own post. I’m sure you were there on day one; I can’t believe it either; and am thankful every day of those 29-plus years for the friend YOU are. xxxoo

  3. Priscilla says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday Alli! I met you at the time of photo #3 :)

  4. Thanks for making smile, and realizing what is really important. She is beautiful like you.

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