Peace by Piece


When I got cancer 15 years ago, my life shattered into a million pieces.  Every moment was filled with fear— that I would die and leave my young children without a mother.

I couldn’t escape the fear…until the day I picked up a paintbrush.   That led me to pick up pieces of broken tile….. which led me to pick up the broken pieces of my life.

In the process I found peace– in creativity.  And that experience turned into my art process.

I paint tiles, break them, and rearrange the pieces …creating something that’s different from what I started with—yet still beautiful in a completely unique way.    That’s why I think mosaics are the perfect metaphor for life—the magic is discovering we can make of the pieces.

My own journey is especially satisfying now that my “pieces” are shared—in private collections, and the hospital where I was treated for cancer myself.

I hope my art reflects the joy I feel in being alive.

I’m doing what I love.  And I’m grateful that I can share it with you.