TED talks


About a year ago I attended my first TEDx Conference in San Jose. Out in the lobby of the venue was a huge chalkboard  titled Before I die....It was like a group bucket list where conference attendees could write their intentions or wishes or dreams.  I think Channing Tatum is pretty adorable; but when I saw that bulletin board asking what would I want before I die, only one thought flashed through my mind: Giving my own TED talk. Last weekend, this happened. Now I might need to rethink the idea of meeting Channing Tatum. I'll post more on the conference; and my talk will be posted on the TED site in a few weeks. Meanwhile I thought I'd share TEDx talks given recently by two friends, Myra Goodman and Merredith Branscombe.  I think they're wonderful and hope you enjoy. click here to see Myra's talk   click here to see Merredith's talk … [Read More...]

A Day in the Life: Meeting the Beatles in Miami Beach

This post is part of a BlogHop to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Not that I’m bitter.  But it’s been 50 years and I might never get over the fact that I didn’t get to see the Beatles perform live when they were literally in [...]

beth tonight show

The Only Woman Writer on The Tonight Show

 As Jay Leno bid farewell and handed over over The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon, I caught up with Beth Einhorn for this interview.  It’s well known that late night TV talk shows are a male-dominated field; and Beth was the only female writer on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for three years. Q: You’ve [...]

alli half marathon

Going 26 for 30

I was surprised.  Though I shouldn’t be.  Nothing in my life, including cancer, has delivered more surprises (and  fodder for writing) than my daughter Alli. Happily she’s delivered far more than that.  Love.  Joy.  Pride.   The rich treasures and rewards of being a parent. Still the surprises keep coming, since the day I became [...]


Two years later: 12 things I would tell him

It’s two years today since Howard  died, leaving a huge hole in our lives and our hearts. I miss him even more since I moved back to Los Angeles, where we lived during the 13 years of our marriage. So many things remind me of him;  I constantly wish I could call and tell him [...]


Cancer Shaming and Sharing: Whose life is it, anyway?

This is one of those controversial stories in the new world opened up by social media where the rules and standards are being invented on the fly.  For me, this one tops the list.  And hits close to home. It involves highly sensitive issues; and two highly respected institutions, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and [...]

xmas cookie

12 Christmas Confessions 2013

#1. I’m Jewish. So actually I have no business writing about Christmas.  Or confessions. #2.  When I grew up, we hung stockings and got presents on Christmas morning.  And we were kosher. #3. My husband is Christian but he’s okay that we don’t have a Christmas tree. #4. I always yearned for a Christmas tree. [...]