Plastic Makes Perfect: Has cosmetic surgery reached a tipping point?


-+*I don’t judge anyone who wants to improve their appearance. I mean, who doesn’t? But as a society, I think we’ve gone far enough with the obsession to make plastic into perfect. I  hope I don’t probably sound snarky about it—still, I should say right up front:  after my own experiences with breast and skin […]

Bad Taste meets The Final Four: Who is the Worst Celebrity Husband?


-+*Sports is so old school.  This year, the real March Madness  isn’t B–Ball—it’s B–Boys.  Bad boys.  It’s been a banner year for men behaving badly. In the post-season,  excitement is building to a peak for sports fans—as contenders for Worst Celebrity Husband move through their brackets  toward the championship.     No longer are simple sexual shenanigans […]