Sealed With a Kiss: The Lips Project

John Stark lips

-+*Remember S.W.A.K.?  For anyone too young to know– that’s what you wrote next to the lipstick kiss on the back of letters to your boyfriend.  (Not that anyone writes letters anymore.)  S.W.A.K.  Sealed With a Kiss. Actually the lips in this image belong to a man—one of hundreds of people persuaded to put on lipstick […]

A place– and space– for a star

Photo by Amie Adams

-+*When I had breast cancer, I never would have believed a day would come when I’d say cancer brought me any rewards.  But it has. One of those was knowing Susan Niebur. Since this is breast awareness month, I should maybe mention that neither of us had any. Susan was a rare survivor  who, like […]