No one talked about cancer when I was growing up.  Having it somehow seemed shameful; the word itself was spoken only in  hushed whispers. No one mentioned cancer even when my mother died of it at age 41.

Over the years since, cancer has taken more people in my life  than I want to think about—and it almost took my life, too.

Now I talk about cancer all the time.

I’m proud to be a survivor and a cancer activist; proud to share my experiences by speaking about it; proud to help others navigate their own cancer journeys; proud to be on the American Cancer Society Blogger Council.

Boobalas—and so much of what I do– is inspired by my cancer experience.

I think it’s important for survivors to share our stories and advice.

Here’s a link to Breast Cancer Answers, where I joined other experts sharing information and tips that may help you or someone you love in coping with cancer.

When we have succeeded in finding answers, no one will need to talk about cancer anymore.


If you are interested in Boobalas for cancer causes, or in having me speak to your group or organization, please contact me at

My own cancer journey is described in MORE magazine in this article written by Laurence Gonzales.

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