Behind every experience is a laugh and a lesson.

Darryle Pollack expresses that outlook in everything she does.

Her experience as a mosaic artist led her to see mosaics as a metaphor for life, which we arrange from many different pieces.

Some of her more notable pieces include being a pioneer:  one of the first women to graduate from Yale;  groundbreaking work as an award-winning television journalist;   founder of WHOA! Network, a platform for women midlife and beyond.

Darryle is an accomplished and inspiring speaker, most recently at TEDx Napa Valley.    She is a longtime cancer survivor and activist  who led a lawsuit to save a breast cancer vaccine, and serves on an Advisory Council for the American Cancer Society.

An early adopter and influential leader  in social media and blogging,  her work  has appeared on sites including the Huffington Post, Scary Mommy,  Technorati,  Yahoo,  Midlife Boulevard, Third Age, Better After 50, Vibrant Women, American Cancer Society.



MORE Magazine feature on Darryle’s cancer journey

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Email: darrylep@gmail.com
Twitter: @DarryleP

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