About Boobalas: Thinking outside the bra

In our culture, breasts get plenty of attention—that doesn’t always translate to awareness.   As a breast cancer survivor, I created Boobalas to break it up a little—-by thinking outside the bra.

I call Boobalas “Putting the zest in the breast“.   And maybe it takes a woman who lost her breasts to come up with a new take on body image.

I’ve experienced life with two breasts, one breast, and none.

Losing them is nothing to laugh about; still I’ve learned that it helps to see the humor in everything.

I never signed up for this.. ..but my experiences have given me an opportunity to do something that resonates for all women, all ages.   By using breasts as the focal point, whether in a silly or serious way—I’m hoping that Boobalas express a message—-that our breasts and our bodies don’t define who we are.


Boobalas come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and prices depending on the cost of production and materials.   They can be customized– with your choice of words, names, themes, colors.

I hope owning a Boobala will give you a laugh—or a lift.

To see the Boobalas gallery, click here.

50% of  the profits from every Boobala is donated to the American Cancer Society and other cancer causes.

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