Small town vs. big city

Funny I just wrote two days ago about how my husband V wants to be higher on the list of my priorities.

Right now the list is really crowded.  My kids are always there  but right now even that’s debatable.  With downsizing and moving to a different city in 3 weeks and starting a new business, I’m in overwhelm mode.  Even the cat is vying for attention these days.

And then V figured out how to get to the top of the list—with a bullet.

hospital_sign_clip_art_25638Last night he says he doesn’t feel well, and a couple hours later we’re in the emergency room where it turns out he has a kidney stone.  He had another one abou 10 years ago.

I know; I know; they’re extremely painful and all, but I’m not feeling very Pollyanna about this.

Still, V’s a tough guy and rarely complains of pain.  So I tell him,   “Look, it’s terrible timing but in a way it’s good.   If this had to happen at least it’s  happening when we still live in a small town, not a city.  We can get to the ER in 5 minutes and park 5 feet away from the door and the place is empty and we can get seen immediately.”

Which we do.

As much as it’s possible to like a hospital, I like our local hospital.   (I even made a little vlog on WHOA! in the ER)

Small town life.  I’ll miss it.

V gets a CAT scan within an hour of walking in the door.  And we get the results an hour after that.  A minor miracle for anyone who’s spent time in a big city hospital.

The results show he won’t be able to pass the kidney stone because it’s too big.   And that means he needs lithotripsy.  He’s had this before.  It’s some kind of big fancy machine that zaps kidney stones with electrons.

Only thing is that this big fancy machine is very expensive.   And apparently there’s not a major demand for kidney stone zapping in places the size of Monterey; i.e. it’s not worthwhile having a permanent lithotripsy machine.

So there’s a traveling lithotripsy machine that sounds like a traveling circus somehow, which makes regular one-day visits to hospitals where they don’t have them.

Only lithotripsy day in Monterey was just hours before V needed it.  And the machine won’t be back in town for 2 weeks.

The other side of small town life.  The doctor tells us V can just wait 2 weeks and have the surgery when the machine comes back.

Oh sure, I’m going to watch my husband moaning in pain for 2 weeks (not to mention that in all the packing and moving I was counting on him to do the heavy lifting.)

To make a long story short, no boxes got packed today, which I spent  in search of the nearest available lithotripsy machine.  And no boxes will get packed tomorrow, when I’ll take V to get it in San Jose.

Moral of the story:  If you’re going to get a kidney stone, you might want to live in a city.



  1. Richard says:

    I have a friend in Colorado that gets those regularly. He claims it’s worse than giving birth. His wife winces, smirks and then finally chuckles each time he says that. Auguri to V.

    • a friend just emailed me after reading this and said she has done both; and would rather give birth a thousand times than have another kidney stone. But like your friend’s wife, I am still smirking. Thanks.

  2. Ugh. Sounds painful for your husband. And you.

  3. Yep, it’s been quite the ordeal but it’s now over. Thanks so much!

  4. A few nights ago, Mark and I spent 3.5 hours at Mt. Sinai ER in Miami Beach. I became disoriented thinking I was back in San Francisco at SFGeneral- if u get my drift. This was the most expensive ice bag we will ever own. Get ready for city life again, it’s not as romantic as u remembered.

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