Presidents– take two

This inauguration won’t have the exhilaration of 2008; but it’s still important; and it’s history.

My dad had a deep appreciation of history; and he passed it onto me.

When I was 12, he took me  as his date to a fundraising dinner for John F. Kennedy.

My first time seeing a president made a deep and lasting impression; when I became a parent, I wanted  to give that same sense of history to my own kids.

Alli was also 12 when I did what my father did—and took her to meet President Clinton.

It wasn’t the best timing.

I had cancer; was in the middle of heavy-duty chemotherapy and wearing a wig.

Still I leaped at the opportunity  to  give her a memory that would last a lifetime.

Fortunately I survived;  not only cancer, but 8 years of George W. Bush.

So  in 2008 I couldn’t resist at the last minute giving Daniel the  chance to see a president, too.

Four years ago, we went to to the inauguration of Barack Obama.  It was magical.

While the President and First Lady walked the streets of Washington, so did we.

Only we got way more walking than we bargained for.

It made a great story—-click here to read it (in honor of the inauguration).

This time I’m happy to watch history made from the comfort of home.



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