Newtown, Old News

It’s almost absurd— if it wasn’t so awful.

It wasn’t even 5 months ago—when I wrote a post called An American Tragedy.  Tonight I could literally post the same exact words; only substituting the name Newtown for Aurora.

Here’s the last 3 sentences of that other post—sadly, not prophetic but predictable:

The images, the stories, the outrage, the fears,  the calls for gun control —will all disappear.   Until the next time.

And does anyone doubt there will be a next time?

That’s the biggest tragedy of all.

And now there is.  Now is that next time in a sleepy little town in Connecticut, another name on the long list of communities where life will never be the same.

In all I’ve read and seen today, maybe nothing brought this latest tragedy into sharper relief than this map of the United States. (Courtesy of Mother Jones; you can click on a dot to see details of each incident; Click on {-} and zoom out to see the whole country.)


I found this ironic, especially so soon after the election.

For all the talk of how divided our country is, red states and blue; this is something we share—and suffer: the vulnerability to violence.

How democratic.   In that sense, the country is united.

What the map doesn’t show are the lives.  Not just lives lost;  but the lives left.

All the people whose lives will never fully heal.

Each bullet is like a ripple in the ocean—touching parents,  brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, children, friends—reaching more and more people, waves spreading through the entire country, reaching from shore to shore.

I’ve heard and read so many  words tonight–words of outrage, words of wisdom —from people trying in some way to make sense of our violent culture.

I don’t see the point of  trying to make sense of it.  It just doesn’t make sense at all.


Though we all feel helpless at these times,  please take one minute of your time to add your name to a petition  to demand stricter gun control laws.  


  1. Helene Bludman says:

    I’m with you, Darryle. It’s up to all of us now to take action. We need to deluge our legislators with letters and phone calls to demand a change in gun control laws.

  2. I’m already reading gun enthusiast comments on how knives kill…baseball bats kill…it’s not the weapon, but the person…yada yada yada. Nothing will change unless our legislators force the issue.

  3. Everything you said… And as Helene says, let’s deluge our legislators, from all fronts. I signed this petition this morning: We need more than that.

  4. We can’t let this moment pass without making a difference. Can not.

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