Here and There, Now and Then: A Top 10 List

I haven’t written a word here for 12 days– and very little the past few months.  Which doesn’t mean nothing has been going on.

At this point, there’s no way I’ll ever get caught up; so this is a list of the top 10 things I was too lazy to planning to write about recently–but didn’t.

1.  Attending my first TED event today in San Jose.  (Maybe I shouldn’t list this since there’s still a slim chance I’ll actually write about it.)

2.  President Obama’s reelection  (Hard to believe it was less than a month ago.)

3.  Demi Moore dating a 26-year old  (Not as hard to believe.)

4.  A fascinating talk by Dr. David Agus, ( cancer doctor who treated Steve Jobs and Lance Armstrong)

5.  Seeing my friends Myra and Drew Goodman honored by being inducted into the Social Venture Network Hall of Fame  (along with Ben and Jerry)

6.  Getting to see behind the scenes and attend a taping of the Colbert Report with an unannounced guest appearance by Jon Stewart (sorry, no pictures allowed on the set.)

 7.  How to be a Woman  (my words couldn’t do justice to Caitlin Moran’s book anyway.)

8.  A visit to my TV station reunion and my hometown–(worth the trip just for the stone crabs)

9.  Seeing Book of Mormon with my two kids.

10.   Having a colonosocopy  (in case it sounds as if my life is always fun.)



  1. D/

    So here is my ‘Top Ten List’ of personal events, during the same time period, while you have been mostly on the road –

    1. Getting the bulk of my affection from Peppy who, by the way, has started to use our Persian carpets as her new litter box.

    2. Going to the new Brad Pitt movie with my bromate Jeff.

    3. Getting home delivered chicken soup from my other bromate, Jason, to help remedy my cold.

    4. Being your ‘ride’ for your colonoscopy.

    5. Dealing with the needs of my parents.

    6. Going to my son’s graduation from his EMT class ( a sweet, proud moment ).

    7. Watching the TiVoed episodes of Dancing With The Stars and Homeland with you when you got home.

    8. Shopping at Costco

    9. Reading the new Grisham novel

    10. Dining on Bruno’s famous ribs

    After looking at this list, it seems that my day to say life may lack a certain flare and excitement – I think that I am going to start bowling again.





  2. Oh, I really must seem like a neglectful wife off having fun leaving my husband home with such drudgery. And the worst part is, I don’t even feel guilty! haha

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