Christmas Cop-out

I’ve come to call it my blog’s Christmas tradition— even though it’s technically a cop-out. 

 10 Christmas Confessions:


#1. I’m Jewish. So actually I have no business writing about Christmas.  Or confessions.

#2. I grew up in a kosher home. We also hung stockings and got presents Christmas morning.

#3. My husband is Christian.   But  he claims he doesn’t mind that we don’t have a Christmas tree.

#4. I always yearned for a Christmas tree.

#5. I stopped yearning for a tree when my first husband (who was Jewish) surprised me and the kids one year with a Christmas tree— which came  in a box.

#6. I have pictures of me sitting on Santa’s lap as a child. And as an adult.

#7. I love Christmas songs. Especially singing them.

#8. When I was a kid, I sang Christmas songs but I would never pronounce the word “Christ”– because I was afraid something bad would happen to me.

#9.  I love seeing family pictures on Christmas cards.  I also love that being Jewish means I never have to send out cards of my own.

#10. This post is a repeat from last Christmas.

(And a repeat from every Christmas since I’ve had a blog.)


Wonderful holidays to all;  I wish for you everything you wish for.



  1. Darryle, You may not know it, but you are still blessed with the Christmas spirit.! Hope God keeps you and your family happy and well, best holiday wishes!

  2. I must say that your “Cop Out” blog is worthy of publishing every year! Keep it up. . .and have a Happy 2013.

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