Election Day 2012

I can’t let today pass without commemorating it.  It was a gorgeous day; more like summer than fall.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit how easy it was for me to vote.

For one thing, I parked right in front of my polling place.

 Ironically I voted for Obama at a location that belongs to Clint Eastwood; his beautiful Mission Ranch spread out across rolling fields of central California.

There were no crowds, just a few sheep out in the pasture.As I stood filling out my ballot, I looked out across the patio, over a gorgeous view with some empty chairs for Clint’s future conversations.

I was done in 5 minutes.

Meanwhile across the country in my hometown of Miami, the privilege of citizenship wasn’t so easy.  Some people were still standing in line waiting to vote AFTER the polls had already closed in California.   It’s disgraceful.

Still, now that it’s over, I can’t lie; winning feels great.

It feels great watching a recharged and re–elected president make his speech moments ago.

It feels great seeing more women elected to higher office.

It feels great to go to sleep, knowing that it’s over.

What doesn’t feel great is the knowledge that the nation is so divided, that half of the country feels bitterly disappointed.

I always threatened to leave the country if the wrong guy won.

Of course I never left.  Because that’s democracy in action; dissent resolved peacefully;  when you wake up in the morning and know that no matter who wins, America endures.

And that feels best of all.


  1. Felt the same way about voting. I have an absentee ballot, but always forget to turn it in. I walked outside and saw three signs with “VOTE–>” – I just had to walk across the street and there were very few people there in the evening. I was listening to KPFA about all the issues, so many done on purpose, horrifying.

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