The Mitt Myth: a message and a mess

Disclaimer:  The “Mitt Myth ” isn’t really what this post is about.  I just like how it sounds.  Even better out loud

I just can’t resist. 

Normally when I say that, I’m talking about chocolate.

This time,  it’s not so sweet.

I promised myself I would resist writing a single word about politics during this election cycle.  Four years ago  before the 2008 election, I wrote a long often irrational emotional  post —and even poetry!-–every single day.

I decided my 2012 election experience would be  less intense and less insane.

The last time I said I can’t resist— was right after I saw Clint talking to the chair.   Technically I crossed the line into politics but maybe that doesn’t  count since I didn’t really mention Mitt.  Neither did Clint.

Though I was going to post something else today, what’s really on my radar is what’s on a lot of minds –and a lot of screens.

Mitt, Mitt, what a mess.  I could almost feel sorry for the guy.

If I was  as funny as Jon Stewart

As pointed as Peggy Noonan

As clever as the person on Twitter who called Mitt: Money Boo Boo

…I might contribute to the public roast.   Nothing  I say could top any of that.  But I still can’t resist.

Over the years, I remember an awful  lot of candidate boo-boos.  But I can’t remember anyone who’s stepped in it this deep.

Though the infamous video provides an endless souce of comedy fodder,   it’s more sad than funny.

Sad that this confirms the cynicism so many feel–that this is politics as usual.

Sadder that in a country called the United States, instead of promoting unity, a presidential candidate reinforces the divide between red and blue (and white).  Isn’t it the point of leaders to lead?

Saddest of all is that since the video became public,  Mitt has dug in deeper, rather than opening his heart or opening his eyes.


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