Shamed by Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate I have no shame.

I’ll buy a chocolate bar while shopping for groceries, then show up at the checkout stand with just a wrapper.   I grabbed a handful of chocolate right in front of my personal trainer.   I get a box of candy for Mother’s Day and refuse to share —even with my loved ones who gave it to me.   I’m capable of inhaling a family size bag of Hershey’s kisses within 24 hours. I don’t take one piece of chocolate from the jar at the cleaners—I scoop out a fistful.     I’ll ask for a bite of someone’s dessert and then polish off the whole thing.   ( I wrote about that in  one of the first pieces I ever wrote on this blog; still one of my faves.)

Yes I’m hopeless; and it takes a lot for anything regarding chooclate to embarrass me.

But now it’s happened.

I just wrote about the story of the chocolate telegram that my ex-husband kept for 35 years—and then re-discovering the store where I bought it.

I wrote it for fun, not asking or expecting anything; it was a sweet story.  I didn’t expect the story would get even sweeter until I read my husband’s comment on my post.

V had  read my post, then called K’s chocolatier in Beverly Hills to surprise me with a telegram—one that I actually COULD eat.  And he told the  owner  the story behind his order.

Sadly for chocoholics, it turns out they can’t ship the telegrams.  But now the story has a third ending—still a sweet one.

This box of goodies from K Chocolatier arrived today.

Thank you Diane Kron!! I’ll be back at K Chocolatier next time I’m in Beverly Hills.

So here’s the shameful part.

I’ve never been one of those bloggers who makes a huge effort to encourage or drum up comments. But I really appreciate people who do comment; and I try to answer every one of them.

However, after four years of blogging, lately I’ve gotten a little lazy  slower.

Just now my husband pointed out that the chocolate arrived even before I had answered his  comment–or any of the others.

That IS embarrassing; it stopped me in my tracks.

But it still didn’t stop me from eating the chocolate before I answer the comments.


  1. D/

    Also, typically, you didn’t offer to share these chocolates either….no offense taken though. I just wish i was as passionate about something as you are about your sweets ( and, actually, your zest for life ).



  2. Judy Brooks says:

    V, I have a great idea. Let’s beat her at her own game and, from now on, send her 1/2 bars or packages of chocolate. I’m getting even fatter just thinking of that concept.
    No, I can’t be that mean and I certainly know you can’t.
    As always, you are sweeter than even that Kron chocolate.

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