Secrets of Celebrity: Do the stars sweat?

This is a burning question that so preoccupies me even the morning after  the Emmys that I’m doing what I have never done in four and a half years of blogging; I’m posting twice in one day.

The other post is on an equally timely subject —a just-published book that is #2 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

And though that’s fairly substantial news, I think this mystery surrounding the stars qualifies as even bigger news.

Because there obviously has been a major scientific breakthrough that no one has told us about.

In addition to plastic surgeons being able to remove years wrinkles and pounds,   sculpt bodies and faces that are unrecognizable as their former selves, apparently the wizards of Hollywood have also discovered how to surgically remove or completely shut down the human sweat glands.

There was plenty of evidence displayed on the Emmy red carpet, on a blazing day in Los Angeles, where several announcers mentioned that the temperature under the lights was measured at 125 degrees.

Among a normal human population sample, this would mean maybe a few cases of heat stroke.   In this crowd, there were not even a few beads of perspirtaion.

This can’t be attributed to any amount of deodorant; or to the amount of skin not covered in revealing gowns.  125 degrees is still 125 degrees.

The only concessions to the heat were a few comments about how hot it was; Nicole Kidman mentioned that she chose her gown out of two choices that morning because it would be cooler to wear.

Special mention goes to the night’s standout.  In addition winning an Emmy for impersonating Sarah Palin,   I think Julianne Moore deserves an additional award for wearing the night’s hottest color—in more ways than one.

Remarkably, Julianne is 50; and manages to not only defy age in her appearance.

Maybe the only hot flashes she endures are the ones from the cameras pointing at her.   She lifted her arm secure in the full confidence that there would be no embarrassing sweat -stained armpits.

I’ve never been awed or intimidated by the celebrities I’ve known or interviewed.  Because I’ve always believed that deep down they’re  just like the rest of us.

Now I’m not so sure.  It’s not just that they may have learned not to sweat the small stuff.  They simply don’t sweat at all.


  1. Hah! Yes, If I were there, I would be a sweaty mess. My scalp would be dripping and so too my hair, that had been so scrupulously flat-ironed that morning would finally give in to the heat and perspiration and rebel–showing me who was boss in that situation. (And it wouldn’t be me.) If you noticed, other curly girls like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Julianna Margulies were wearing their hair up and back. I don’t care what products you use–on a day such as yesterday was, there ain’t nothin’ that’s gonna hold up. Short of having stylists waiting for them in the wings (which they probably did), wilting (and perspiring) will occur. I just chalk it up to the miracle of TV.

    • I see you get what I mean. See below for Sharon’s explanation of the miracle that is Botox. Even with that, even with stylists and handlers standing just off camera ready to wipe them off, I still don’t see how it’s possible to avoid sweating on a day like that. Thanks for commenting, Mindy.

  2. I’ll tell you the secret – botox. They get injections at all of the major places on their body that would sweat – armpits, hairline, neck, etc. Botox keeps the sweat from showing, but it does nothing to help the smell. THAT is the secret. Would I want to do that? No way. But they are starts, and that’s what they have to do.

    • Well apparently I’ve been out of the LA loop for too long—after I wrote this, a lot of people clued me in to the secret magic of Botox. Who knew? And yikes, all those injections—fame is not for wimps. Thanks, Sharon!

  3. I have also heard that they use botox to block up the sweat glands.. gross! I want to know where all that sweat that doesn’t come out of the body goes…. ??

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