Confessions of a Creative Mind

You’d think a creative mind would be a blessing.

And it is.  Most of the time.

But it also can go in the opposite direction.  I wouldn’t say a creative mind can be a curse, but I would definitely say it can be a challenge.

At least for me.

I have a lot of creative ideas.   I keep getting new ones.  And I can’t stop them from coming.

I’m not talking ideas for blog posts,  I get plenty of those.  I’m talking about ideas for other things— from products to tv shows to books to movies to websites to art projects to documentaries.  (And more–that’s just the list of areas where I already have experience).

This means my brain is not just creative, but also cluttered. (FYI the actual sub-title of this blog is Confessions of a Cluttered Mind.)

I used to feel I had creativity somewhat under control.  And then I discovered art; and then I discovered  blogging–and now it’s hopeless.

When I started this blog,  experts recommended that I narrow my scope to one niche or area of expertise.

In retrospect it’s likely that would have a been a good thing.  (Or a bad thing–I love the freedom to write about anything I want; had I stuck to one topic, it’s likely I would have quit blogging. )

Not having my ideas organized or catalogued in my brain is just one of the challenges.

Another major challenge is implementing them.   You really need to choose one idea,  stick to it and follow through with laser- like focus.

What I have is less laser- like focus and more like…..(I’m struggling for an image here; the only thing that immediately comes to mind is projectile vomit).

But stick with me here; where I’m going with this train of thought is where I’m going this weekend—to a conference called the Creative Alliance.  

The founders describe their purpose as creating an atmosphere where online creative business women could form authentic alliances with one another.

It’s intimate, supportive and casual; for someone like me, going was a no-brainer the instant I heard about it a few weeks ago from  Jessica Bern, highly creative and one of the funniest women online.

Something about this event spoke to me on a deep level.

To get myself in the mood, on my way to Ojai, I applied my  creativity to an area where I’m an expert although not typically creative: 

  What better than a giant chocolate chip cookie to feed our collaborative creativity?



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    The cookie looks great! You’ll save a bite a bite for me…..Right?


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