The “art” of social media

It’s impossible to take a bad picture of a Carmel sunset.

The iPhone is now part of the ritual along Carmel beach.

It can get obsessive; so I try to limit how many I share.

And with all due respect to the power of Facebook, can you really share the beauty of a sunset via the internet?

 Much to my surprise,  it turns out you can.  I posted this shot  a few months ago…

One of my high school friends who I haven’t seen in many years not only “liked” it;  she was inspired to do her own version in pastels.


The “art” of social media:   Thanks to Andrea Asher Miller for sharing;   see you on Facebook.


  1. WOW!! Incredible Photos Darryle–As a Manhattanite, I must ask: WHAT’S A SUNSET? Seriously, your photos do not look real. Thanks for sharing those with us.

  2. These shots do look unreal–the iPhone does all the work with a major assist from Mother Nature. Thanks, Ron. Hope you are someplace soon where you can see a sunset–for real.

  3. Andi Miller says:

    Hi Darryl,
    Thanks for posting the pastel. The Carmel sunset photo inspired me to paint. It reminded me of the feelings I got when I visited Point Lobos at dusk. You are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Keep in touch. Andi

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