Household words on Dancing with the Stars

We’re polar opposites in most ways, including our TV habits.  My husband controls the remote—mostly to switch from one sports channel to another.  I don’t watch much TV at all, but when I get my hands on the remote I turn on the news.

We meet in the middle— on the dance floor.  It’s date night;  the only show my husband and I faithfully watch together.  We’re both addicted and so is the rest of America.

Although I almost was tempted to skip  this season; I’d never heard of half the stars.   I figured they were desperate for new celebrities or I was completely out of touch.  

Turns out even if they’re not household words  at least  not in our household, this season’s cast is the best yet.

The one sour note came right away.

It was enough that Martina Navratilova got eliminated  first;  but I think the show’s producers owe her an apology for that costume.  She showed far more dignity than her outfit allowed —proving she is the ultimate good sport.

Still I have to forgive the producers even for that.  Because they managed to make me overlook the fact that Alec Baldwin recently got engaged.


His name sounds like a Jewish accountant– but no Jewish accountant ever looked like this.

Who cares if he can even count?

It’s time to translate some household words into Spanish—because two of them are now on the lips of every woman in America:  William.  Levy.












  1. Love the fact that you and V are DWTS addicts. We also think that this year is the best so far in terms of talent. And yes, William Levy is definitely going to be glad he chose to participate this year. He is on practically every magazine cover, as you know. Unfortunately, we missed last night but from what I have seen so far, Katherine Jenkins should be the winner. BTW: One of my good friends saw her a few years ago in a little venue downtown (Not the Carlyle) I believe, and said she had an incredible voice beside being exceptionally beautiful.

    • yes we’re totally addicted. We also love Katherine Jenkins and maybe in another season she’d be a sure winner; but not sure she or anyone else can stop Levy-mania—plus he can also dance. Tough competition but a really great season.

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