Two voices: both belated

Photo credit: BlogHer

I’m  a little late sometimes.  (translation: I’m a complete procrastinator.)  So I feel kind of proud that I’m  posting this video just a few minutes (okay, a few hours) after it became available.

I’m also kind of comforted that I’m not the only one who’s a little late–it took BlogHer a few weeks to post the Voices of the Year session at BlogHer.

If I try not to notice my hair completely covering one eye, and how much time I spent pushing it away I enjoyed watching my presentation (for the first time) even more now that some time has passed.  Which proves that being a little late can sometimes make things a little better.


And in keeping with today’s theme—here’s a link to my recent interview with the American Cancer Society –the Official Sponsor of Birthdays—“perfectly timed” with my birthday–a week ago.

(click here to see the complete BlogHer Voices of the Year presentation–link is at the bottom of the list)


  1. Brilliant! I loved that speach and so true. I’m going to feature that speach on my blog if that’s ok? It’s a message that women and (young) marketing people will need to hear! I thought your presentation was absolutely perfect too. You clearly know how to speak in front of an audience…

  2. I’d love for you to feature this message on your blog–totally agree it’s important for everyone to hear, at any age. That’s exactly what I was trying to get across. Thanks so much, Sylvia.

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