Health history

This is what change looks like.

Considering my own health history, I  couldn’t let this day go by without a salute to  history in the making:

Here’s to your health.


  1. 4 votes made the difference?!? Wow
    “Salute!” to you too, my darling Darryle.


  2. Long time no post! Today, I had to chime in. The greatest legislations of our county’s short history all started somewhere. This is so monumental with regard to the undeserved, invisible and for “women”. One of the women Senators talked about women being a “pre-existing condition” with the way the system is now. How amazing that our new leadership persevered and got his DONE, to make sure that women are no longer considered that. It’s a great day for children, women and the American people.
    Bravo and yeah!

  3. Bob Beers says:

    Thomas Jefferson promised us ‘life’ and now Barack Obama has provided a guarantee to preserve it.

  4. Civil rights started with controversial legislation too…. Teddy Kennedy is probably hoisting a little libation in heaven celebrating a life-long dream come true!

    • Very true re: civil rights legislation and sometimes it’s hard to remember how things were. Someday people will look back and find our current health care situation hard to believe —as we look back at segregation–or the days before women could vote.

  5. Finally. These may be just baby steps but at least they are steps in the right direction. Now let’s get about the business of doing this right.

  6. The whole medical/insurance industry is so unwieldy, I can hardly imagine how it’s going to happen in reality, but at least you’re right–this is a step in the right direction.

  7. You’re right, Darryle, this is a daunting task, a full time job requiring that we and elected officials of good will roll up our sleeves and get to work. We have a ways to go to catch up with the rest of the civilized world in providing high quality health care to a majority our fellow citizens. The good news is that the templates are out there already working in places like France, Italy and elsewhere. They have done a lot of the “testing” for us over the last nearly four decades. We now have to create our own functioning health care system building on what they have already learned. One thing is certain though. We can longer afford the luxury of wasting any more time or energy listening or even talking to the babbling blowhards of the rabid right. They are not just wasting space they are wasting our time. There’s a job to be done.

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